We will soon have a selection of sandblasted glass images, these are two-layer type images where the first details are engraved, then the stencil is removed and further blasting is done to bring out the rest of the shape and shading. The results are quite dramatic as you can see here.

Glass Shell
Click the image to see more detail.

Another method of producing an incredible art form is to engrave deeply into stone... depending on the stone type you can get different effects. In the left piece, the stone is a hard granite, so the depth is only about 3mm (1/8 inch) deep.

Libra Scale      Limestone

The engraved part is painted to enhance the contrast and make the art really stand out. The same method is used for the stone on the right, but since it is a softer stone the depth of the cut is deeper.  The lettering was left unpainted as not to detract from the artwork, and to show the difference in effect that is possible.                         



This is an example of what I can do with a wine bottle. The glass turns a very bright white which contrasts nicely with the dark glass of the bottle.
This makes a wonderful keepsake for any event. A wide range of designs are available or I can rework your artwok for an additional charge.

Mirrors can be engraved from the back then illuminated to make a warm glowing nightlight.
An alternitive is to use a tea candle to give it a lively flicker an unique personality.

The great thing about the mirrors is that they look lovely both lwhen lit as well as when just displayed unlit.

This is another example if a reversed engraved glass.

Etched Glass 15 x 16 inches
This piece is 15 by 16 inches, illuminated by two different LED strips.

Skydiving Mirror 8 inch
This is the same image engraved into an 8 inch mirror.

(The Texas record of 168 Skydivers is captured in the image above... see the news story HERE.)

Modigliani Jeanne
Modigliani Jeanne