Wood Gifts

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Some of my wood creations.

New Orleans Water Meter Cover Reproduction Wall Hanging

This wonderful piece is an exact copy of the famous water meter covers found on the sidewalks of  New Orleans. This was faithfully repoduced from a photograph I took while visiting the French Quarter. I loved the design so much that I had to make my own version. This is a favorite gift and loved by anyone familiar with these famous landmark items.

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Royal Street

Gas Light

Wall Hanging

While walking through the wonderful French Quarter in New Orleans I took a picture of one of the gas lights on the corner of Royal street.

I loved the dramatic lines looking up into the sky and created this piece from that photograph.

Southwest Style Texas Sculpture

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Buddha Sitting Under The Bodhi Tree

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New Carved Items

Life, Liberty, Happiness

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Deaf "I Love You" Sign

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Peace Sign

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Texas Star Cross - Solid Carved Oak

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Solid Oak Carved Celtic Cross

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Fleur de lis Solid Oak Carved Cross

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