Shell Detail Images

Here you can clearly see the details that go into the production of these custom pieces. Each glass panel is hand etched until I am satisfied that it will capture the light and have that unique glow that makes them really stand out. My goal is to make something special, something that catches your eye and takes your breath away.

Shell Main View

Here is an even closer look at the detail... the sandblasting process brings out even the finest of the details... I am sure you will be as excited by the results as I am. For me, each piece is special, an individual work of art that will be slightly different from any other. As each piece is made my hand, slight changes in pressure and speed as I do the engraving process will leave subtle differences in texture, color, and light. Each piece comes alive with brilliance and stands out as the one-of-a-kind art that it is.

Shell Extreme Close-up
Extreme Close-up View showing the unique texture of sandblasted glass.