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This is one of my first pieces which naturally had to be a Libra scale as this is my astrological sign. I was very pleased with the depth if the engraving into the stone and the bright contrast between the black and the lovely pink color of the natural stone.

Soon I will have a wide range of products avaiable here which bring out the natural beauty of the materials from which they are made, that laet the power of nature show through as well as being a creative outlet for me to bring your ideas to life. We can do glass, stone, and more.
Astrology Art Charts
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Be sure to take a look at my astrology artwork on the Astrology Art Charts web page. You can have a personalized work of art created that reflects the moment in time when you or a loved one was born. I have created many different types of charts from stary skys to flowers, and even some whimiscal baby designs for that new arival in your life. 

I have started to put several of my creations on my Etsy Store Page now so that you can browse them and get the special things I create but don't always have the time to put on this page. If you have a special request for anything LASER etched (wood, glass, plastic), or sandblasted (stone, glass) just let me know and I will be happy to work up a quote for you.

Thank you for visiting me here on the web, I look forward to working with you soon! ~ Eve